An exhibition of portraits of mine action actors

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I’m pleased to share with you the media advisory as attached and below. Let me know should you need any clarification.

Media Advisory

Photo exhibition in celebration of International Mine Awareness Day, 4th April

WHAT                 :               An exhibition of portraits of mine action actors

WHO                    :               Marco Grob, TIME photographer

WHERE              :               Cambodia Landmine Museum, Siem Reap

WHEN                 :               4April – 18 May, 2012

Dear reporters/editors,

In commemoration of International Mine Action Day and as part of the Lend Your Leg Campaign, a photo exhibition will be held at the Landmine Museum in Siem Reap province from 4April until 18 May.

The exhibition features portraits of landmine survivors and landmine clearers that Marco Brob, a TIME photographer, took during his trip to Cambodia in October last year. With the support of the UN Mine Action Team, Mr. Grob visited northwestern parts of Cambodia and met landmine survivors, de-miners and other actors. He took their photographs which will be shown to help raise awareness about the importance of mine action.

In 2011, landmines and other explosives remnants of war caused more than 200 casualties in Cambodia. In affected areas, these deadly weapons continue to pose indiscriminate threats to many Cambodians – old and young alike. Farmers can be found working on land that may be still littered with landmines and explosive remnants of war. Children walk to school and may not know what lies in the ground in their path. These are some of the realities captured by Mr. Grob’s photographs.

Mr. Grob said: “We had to learn to adjust to the reality of such an amount of mines still hidden in Cambodian soil so long after the fighting has stopped. It was at times very difficult for me to deal with the impression left by the very high number of mine inflicted casualties – especially those of injured children. The work of the UN in Cambodia is, in my eyes, of utmost importance. It is for some communities the only opportunity for some kind of future. The situation touched me deeply and profoundly…my work for the United Nations mine action – as insignificant as it might be in the bigger picture – shall go on as long as needed.”

This exhibition is jointly organized by the Cambodian Mine Action Authority, the United Nations Development Programme and the Cambodia Landmine Museum to raise awareness about mine action and to support the Lend Your Leg Campaign.

For more information please contact:


–          UNDP,  Esteban Olhagaray,

–          CMAA, Neth Sophal, ,

–          Cambodia Landmine Museum, Bill Morse,,

–          Lend Your Leg Campaign, Sak Sopheak,,




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